March 24 - 26

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Flame Never Dies

When the whole team is driven by not just dedication but a passion nurtured over the decades, the saga continues. We present "Ragam"- The largest student-run festival in the country

We at Ragam, Make it Big

What began as a humble initiative by a few students has now evolved into the numero uno college festival of South India. With every year seeing an exponential increase in footfall, Ragam boasts of a turnover of over 70 lakhs. It has carved out a unique niche for itself through its well-structured management crafted to perfection over two decades


Comprising of over 50 spectacular events that range from literary to musical to dance to theater, Ragam has something for everyone. The meticulously planned programs and competitions provide a platform to exhibit and experience the finest of talents. Each year witnesses the addition of ingenious new events, ensuring that as the years go by, Ragam keeps getting bigger and better.


Ragam is a festival that finds its way into the limelight with every edition. As Ragam gets bigger with every passing year, its events, proshows and social outreach programmes also gain more importance from a public perspective. Ragam brings together all the bigwigs in the media industry like the Hindu and the Indian Express amongst others. Previous editions of Ragam have recieved extensive media coverage from these dailies and also from TV channels and this edition, Ragam '17, promises to be no different.

Cultural impact

Ragam celebrates the cultural diversity of people from different states through its ethnicity stalls. Along with the aesthetic spectacle that the festival offers, it plays a pivotal role in the making and growth of various artists by promoting and nurturing talent.


'Eluveitie'! 'Farhan Akhtar'! 'Pritam'! Ragam proshows will remain in the hearts of the thousands who attended it and many who couldn't get tickets, owing to the sheer energy of the aura that the crowd revelled in.


I-Ink is a symposium which provides an opportunity for youth across the country to express and refine their views on relevant issues. I-Ink focuses on conducting panel discussions and writing competetions to provide a platform for intelluctual discussions and creative writing.

Sneha Ragam

Sneharagam was conducted on a larger scale, providing a platform for the differently abled children in our society to express their talents, and in turn, restoring their confidence that they are one amongst us.



Ragam'16 witnessed the largest crowd ever seen for Ragam till date, with an estimate 50000 people believed to have visited the campus over the 3 days of the cultural fest

Online Reach & Visibility

With over 60K likes on Facebook and a post reach of more than 30000 , Ragam has become one of the most touted cultural fests in India both online and offline.



The standard of events was raised a notch for Ragam'16 and this was the result of a record number of participants with total registrations exceeding 3000


Like its previous editions, Ragam'16 too received extensive media coverage and support from different sections of the media with its news being featured in leading dailies like The Hindu,Indian express, Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhumi

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